1:18-Scale 1932 Ford Deuces Wild 3-Window Diecast Coupe


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1:18-Scale 1932 Ford Deuces Wild Diecast Coupe With 3-Window Configuration & Fully Exposed Blown HEMI Engine – When “American Graffiti” debuted in 1973, the film not only stirred memories of good times, but it also reignited America's passion for screaming-fast hot rods…especially the '32 Ford Deuce Coupe! Now, celebrate this iconic hot rod with the 1:18-Scale 1932 Ford Deuces Wild Diecast Coupe, a first-ever 3-window diecast Deuce Coupe outfitted with an exposed blown HEMI engine and altered drag wheels and tires. Presented by The Hamilton Collection, this 18-scale diecast coupe is a quintessential hot rod tribute for fans of vintage muscle cars!Finely engineered to an impressive 1:18-scale , this electrifying diecast Deuces Wild hot rod boasts over 190 parts for loads of jaw-dropping detail. Collectors are sure to appreciate the movie-inspired yellow showroom finish which gleams with a brilliant shine and the glistening chrome zoomie headers. Plus, you're sure to also marvel at the authentic ultra-rare 3-window configuration along with the cool black interior. Strong demand is expected for this Ford collectible, so don't delay. Order now!

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