Al Agnew Glow-In-The Dark Crescent Moon Sculpture Collection


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Spirit Of The Moon Glow-In-The-Dark Crescent Moon Sculpture Collection Featuring Native American-Inspired Dreamcatchers With Wolf Art By Al Agnew – In Native American lore, it is said that the mesmerizing glow of the moon summons the pack. Wolves are believed to be drawn to the glowing moon and appear in dreams as the bringers of destiny. Now, award-winning wildlife artist Al Agnew's enchanting glow-in-the-dark wolf artwork brings this legend to life with the Spirit of the Moon Sculpture Collection, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This mystical collection begins with Issue One, Dreams of the Spirit. Soon, the collection continues with Issue Two and additional crescent moon sculptures, each a separate issue to follow.‡Masterfully handcrafted, the centerpiece of each sculpture in this collection showcases a Native American-inspired dreamcatcher authentically detailed with real feathers and beads, leather-look fringe and a wolf print medallion. Plus, it hangs gracefully from a sculptural crescent moon featuring captivating wolf art from the renowned Al Agnew. When these sculptures are exposed to a light source, the visions become even more thrilling! The artwork glows in the dark – just like the glow of the moon at night. Adding to the dimensionality, a fully sculptural hand-painted wolf stands atop the Native American-inspired base. These mystically beautiful works of art can be displayed on a tabletop, shelf or mantle for a wonderful way to add impressive wolf decor to any setting. Strong demand is expected, so don't delay. Order now!

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