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The next bonus edition of the Star Trek Official Starships Collection features the Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform introduced in the last days of the Dominion War. The Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform was a powerful, unmanned planetary defense system designed to be deployed in orbit around tactically important planets. The platform consists of six arms around central ring – three longer arms below the ring and three shorter ones above. Each platform carried a thousand plasma torpedoes capable of taking down a ship. This Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform carefully recreates the ship as seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Tears of the Prophets”. The model shows the platform in the active mode with the arms open forming a 45-degree angle with the ring. Product Features: Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise Affiliation: Cardassian Wingspan: approx. 2.7 inches Comes with a display stand to display at home or office. Inside the magazine is an in-depth profile of the Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform, plus a bonus look at an arsenal of hidden weapons created for Deep Space 9. SKU: SSSXX522C Material: Die-cast Width (in): 2.8 Height With Base (in): 3.3 Language: English Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections Collection Name: Star Trek Official Starships Collection Edition Type: Shop Exclusive

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