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When you have a cuddly canine companion, every moment spent with them is more delightful than the next! Now, celebrate your four-legged friend every minute of the day with the Playful Pups Cuckoo Clock, a limited edition available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Showcasing the endearing dog artwork of acclaimed artist Linda Picken in two captivating portraits, this timekeeping treasure honors your favorite dog breed on a custom-crafted cuckoo clock. Selections include Dachshund, Pomeranian, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Chihuahua and more!Inspired by traditional designs, the wooden body of this masterfully crafted cuckoo clock is shaped like a charming chalet and filled with best-in-show features you're sure to admire time and again. Sculpted roses adorn the main image of puppy pals and a second, full-length portrait serves as the centerpiece of the cuckoo clock face. Roman numerals and golden hands, the precise quartz movement and swinging brass-toned pendulum, flanked by decorative pine cone weights, keep time ticking right along and make sure you always know when it's time to sit, stay or go. Plus, a well-trained sculptural “cuckoo” in the breed of your choice emerges from behind the shuttered doors on the hour with a cheerful bark! Strong demand is expected from dog lovers everywhere, so don't wait. Order now!

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