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Delta Flyer comes as the next XL edition to our Star Trek Official Starship Collection! This XL sized Delta Flyer brings to life the shuttle that incorporated both Starfleet and Borg technology. Larger than a standard shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer had retractable warp nacelles, and was more able to handle the hostile environments that the crew of the USS Voyager faced in the depths of the Delta Quadrant. First seen in the episode Extreme Risk, the Delta Flyer would go on to serve the Voyager throughout its long journey home redesigned and replaced only after it was destroyed by the Borg in the episode Unimatrix Zero. This fantastic special Star Trek die-cast Delta Flyer XL Edition model recreates the shuttle as seen in the Star Trek: Voyager. The model is hand-painted with intricate detail using references from CBS Studios own archives of designs and CG models, made from die-cast metal, and comes with its own display stand. Product Features: Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise Affiliation: Federation Class: Delta Flyer-type Comes with a display stand to display at home or office. Delta Flyer XL Edition model comes with a 16-page full-color magazine. The magazine includes a profile of the starship, original production art and details of its design evolution. SKU: SSSUK624 Material: Die-cast Language: English Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections Collection Name: Star Trek Official Starships Collection Edition Type: XL

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