Ghostbusters Wall Clock Lights Up And Plays Sounds Each Hour


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Ghostbusters Hand-Painted Cuckoo Clock Featuring Iconic Logo As Swinging Pendulum Flanked By Ghost Trap Weights – Troubled by strange phenomena or a supernatural presence in your home? Never fear! Our hilarious heroes are back – saving the day, right on time! Introducing the Ghostbusters™ Cuckoo Clock, a limited edition available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This fully sculpted wall clock plays iconic Ghostbusters sounds and the ghoul trappers' proton blaster streams light up for a one-of-a-kind collector's home decor!An impressive 1-1/2 feet high, this unique clock captures Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston in front of the firehouse as they zap Slimer and Stay Puft marshmallow man. Every detail of this masterwork is hand-painted, from the quartet's classic expressions to their memorable uniforms, proton packs and the Ecto-1. Powered by accurate quartz movement, the clock face features traditional numerals and the building is decorated with splotches of green “slime” for a thrilling effect. Ghost traps take the place of traditional pendulum weights which flank the No-Ghost sign logo pendulum. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait to bring a bit of spirited fun to every hour with this must-have Ghostbusters decor collectible timepiece. Don't wait to electrify your home with ghost bustin' excitement, order now!

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