HARRY POTTER Golden Snitch Music Box Opens To Reveal Horcrux


HARRY POTTER Golden Snitch Cast-Metal Music Box Featuring A Recreation Of Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring Inside – Open the Golden Snitch™ to reveal what's hidden inside…and turn the key to make magic happen! Now, The Bradford Exchange is excited to present a special opportunity to reserve the HARRY POTTER™ Golden Snitch Music Box, an officially licensed musical tribute to the magic of the Wizarding World™. Pending sufficient demand, this HARRY POTTER music box will contain a spellbinding surprise – it will open to reveal its Horcrux: a recreation of Marvolo Gaunt's ring, complete with the coveted Resurrection Stone!Every inch of this HARRY POTTER collectible music box will be handcrafted of cast metal and detailed with a brilliant golden finish to recall the legendary Golden Snitch. The ring within will be crafted of golden metal and set with a black faux jewel, recapturing the look of the ring from the HARRY POTTER Wizarding World. Plus, with a gentle turn of the ring, you will hear “Hedwig™'s Theme”. Remember, handcrafting can only begin once a sufficient number of orders are received, so don't wait to reserve the HARRY POTTER Golden Snitch Music Box risk-free. Order now!

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