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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express – Collectors Edition

Capture the magic of the Harry Potter” stories with a buildable, 1:32 scale replica of the most iconic vehicle in the Wizarding World. LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts Express” Collectors’ Edition (76405) is a spectacular build-and-display project for adult Harry Potter enthusiasts, which will enchant all who see it. Authentically detailed inside and outThe engine features a detailed underside and a lever on the top that causes the train to rock with the motion of a steam train. A tender car carries the engine s supply of coal. The passenger car comprises 3 compartments, each depicting a classic scene: when Harry, […]


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Last updated on December 3, 2022 6:23 pm

Now departing Platform 9 ¾™

Bring the magic of Harry Potter™ home with an all-new buildable, 1:32 scale replica of the Hogwarts Express™.

Familiar faces, old and new

How many do you recognize? The set features 20 minifigures of Harry Potter™ and his Hogwarts™ colleagues, including Ron Weasley™, Hermione Granger™, Remus Lupin™, Ginny Weasley™, Draco Malfoy™ and many more – including a Dementor™!


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