Hourly Chime Wagging Tail Dog Clock: Choose Your Breed


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Pup In A Cup Hand-Painted Fully Sculpted Dog-Themed Wall Clock With Swinging Pendulum Tail – A precious little pup always knows what time it is – playtime! Cuddle time! Treat time! Now there's a sweet puppy eager to share your every minute together with the Pup in a Cup Wall Clock, only from The Bradford Exchange. Best of all, you can choose a favorite breed from Yorkie, dachshund, Chihuahua and Pomeranian, to be showcased on your dog-themed wall clock. A frisky little four-legged friend had climbed into a teacup just to get your attention. How doggone adorable is that!Expertly sculpted to fully dimensional perfection and entirely hand-cast of artist's resin, this clock stars a darling sculptural pup that is carefully hand-painted to capture your dog breed's natural hues and soulful eyes. Hand-applied golden trim and telltale puppy paw prints on the teacup, saucer and clock face create charming canine complements. Precision quartz movement ensures accuracy for your wall clock, perfectly pronounced with a wagging tail pendulum and a chiming tone every hour. A must-have dog decor for any room in your home, the Pup in a Cup Wall Clock is a limited edition, so don't run out of time. Order now!

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