LEGO 76155 Marvel Super Heroes In Arishem’s Shadow


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LEGO 76155 Marvel Super Heroes In Arishem's Shadow: Combine all the fun elements of the Marvel Studios' The Eternals movie in one awesome LEGO playset. In LEGO 76155 Marvel Super Heroes In Arishem's Shadow brings 4 Eternals, a Deviant and a Celestial together in a superhero confrontation kids will love. Kids join forces with 4 Eternals to defeat a Deviant bat. The Eternals have cool powers: Ajak is the only one able to communicate with the powerful extra-terrestrial beings, the Celestials; Sersi transforms matter into whatever she desires; Ikaris has superhuman strength; and Kingo can blast terrestrial energy. The set also includes a posable Celestial figure that can hold an Eternal mini-figure in its hand. And, if you're buying for a mini-figure fan, this awesome LEGO playset is the only one to feature the Ajak and Kingo mini-figures! Marvel Studios' The Eternals playsets building toys are unique playsets with cool characters that inspire kids' imaginative play and take them to an endless universe of role-play fun. The Celestial figure stands about 11-inches tall. The LEGO 76155 Marvel Super Heroes In Arishem's Shadow includes 493 pieces. Ages 7 and up.

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