Nurses Are Su-paw Heroes Hand-Painted Dachshund Figurine


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When it comes to saving the day by chasing our boo-boos away, nurses are the ultimate superheroes! Now, a dutiful doxie Florence Nightingale by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen celebrates these compassionate and committed caregivers. Introducing the Nurses Are Su-paw Heroes Dachshund Figurine, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Hamilton Collection.From her etched “fur” and comforting eyes to her spotless uniform and trusty stethoscope, every darling detail of this dachshund collectible is crafted by hand. A must-have for doxie lovers and nurses everywhere, it makes a paw-fect gift as well. But don't wait to bring this hand-painted figurine home – tremendous demand is expected, so order now!

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