Outlander Mo Nighean Donn Arm Warmers

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How’s your Gaelic? You may have to brush up to correctly pronounce the name of these Outlander Mo Nighean Donn Arm Warmers. Mo Nighean Donn means “My brown-haired lass,” which Jamie Fraser affectionately calls his wife Claire in the Outlander TV series. But dinna fash (“no worries”)! You don’t have to be a brunette to wear these neutral-tinted knitted goods. No matter what color hair you have, you’ll stay warm while travelling 200 years into the past. The warmers measure about 12 1/2-inches long x 3-inches wide. Whether you decide to time travel through the ancient stone circles back to 1743 or stay put in 1945, you’ll be grateful you chose to garnish your wardrobe with these cozy knitted goods. They’ll last a lifetime, no matter how many voyages you decide to make. And before you bravely step through the stones, be sure to visit some local druids and admire their rituals. Listening to Outlander folklore will send shivers down your arms!

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