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Queen Elizabeth II 95th Birthday Porcelain Portrait Doll

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Last updated on September 19, 2022 12:30 am
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Queen Elizabeth II 95th Birthday Commemorative Portrait Doll Featuring Exquisite Details That Include A Faux Diamond Metal Crown – Queen Elizabeth II, matriarch of Great Britain's Royal Family and the longest reigning monarch, was revered for both her ceremonial and political contributions. Commemorate Her Majesty's 95th birthday with the Queen Elizabeth II Portrait Doll, a historic Collector's Edition available exclusively from Ashton-Drake. Standing an impressive 15 inches tall, this masterpiece collectible doll is handcrafted of fine bisque porcelain to best replicate each of the Queen's recognizable features. Then, for further authenticity, this porcelain doll is skillfully hand-painted to highlight every detail, from her tastefully applied makeup to the nail polish on her fingers. The result is nothing short of breathtaking!Dressed in a luxurious recreation of the iconic ensemble she wore to her Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012, this Queen Elizabeth II portrait doll wears a silvery metal crown set with faux diamonds. Complementing these shimmering jewels are glistening pavé earrings, a matching necklace and a radiant bracelet upon each wrist. And, of course, there are three meaningful brooches pinned to her blue sash – one featuring her father George VI, one with her grandfather George V, and the third emblazoned with the painting of St. George and the Dragon. Finally, to complete her regal appearance, a pin symbolizing the Victorian Order is fastened to her dress. Intense demand is anticipated for this definitive Royal Family collectible treasure, so don't miss this opportunity to commemorate a lifetime of stately elegance, nobility and poise. HURRY and order now!

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