Series Of 1899 $5 Silver Certificate: Indian Chief Note Currency


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The first and only U.S. paper currency to feature a real, historical Native American, the 1899 $5 Silver Certificate was issued by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing well over a century ago. Redeemable at any bank for silver dollars or silver bullion until 1964, these bills have become scarce. Now, one of these rare notes can be yours with the 1899 $5 Silver Certificate: Indian Chief Note Currency, a collector's presentation exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Mint.The obverse of this historic, large-size paper note portrays Chief Running Antelope of the Uncpapa band of Sioux. His rugged, expressive face and intricate headdress are recaptured in superb detail. This led to a scandal, as the headdress turned out to be a traditional design of a different tribe, the Pawnee. The reverse showcases a Roman numeral “V” and intricate engraving. A must for serious collectors and history buffs alike, this hard-to-find $5 bill makes a terrific patriotic gift and arrives within a crystal-clear currency sleeve with a deluxe display box. Eager demand is expected, so order now!

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