Tender Paw-ing Care Hand-Painted Dachshund Nurse Figurine Collection


Selfless, compassionate and caring, nurses know that kindness is the best medicine of all. And what better way to honor these devoted caregivers than with the sweet and loyal doxies in the Tender Paw-ing Care Dachshund Nurse Figurine Collection by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen! Available exclusively from The Hamilton Collection, this charming collection begins with Issue One, Nurses Are Su-paw Heroes. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Nurses Work Furr-om the Heart. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Nurses Are UnFurr-gettable, and additional dachshund nurse figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡Each of the dachshund collectible figurines in this one-of-a-kind collection brings an extra dose of cuteness into your home. From their etched “fur” and adoring expressions to their detailed nurse's uniforms and tools of the trade, every delightful detail is crafted entirely by hand. A paw-fect tribute to the nursing profession, this collection is a must-have for doxie lovers and a wonderful nurse gift! But furr-ocious demand is expected, so don't wait to get your paws on these limited-edition, hand-painted figurines. Order now!

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