Treasures Of The Seleucid Empire Silver NGC Coin


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After the death of Alexander the Great, the dynasty founded by his general Seleucus Nicator made politics in the ancient Middle East as complex as they are today. During the reign of King Antiochus VII, despite neighboring Judea being allowed to coin their own money, Seleucid coins circulated throughout the region, including the Silver Tetradrachm. Now, you have a rare opportunity to bring home the Treasures of the Seleucid Empire Silver Coin in a collector's presentation that is ONLY available from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Hand-struck over 2,000 years ago so that no two are alike, this genuine ancient coin is a true Hellenistic treasure, showcasing a captivating snapshot of ancient history in a coin collecting must-have.Featuring a dramatic portrait of Antiochus VII on the obverse side and a standing, helmeted Athena on the reverse side, this distinctive silver coin is certified by the prestigious Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Your NGC coin arrives to you sealed within a protective, tamper-proof holder with an NGC logo security hologram, bar code and identification number. Plus, it includes a handsome deluxe display box for a museum-quality presentation. Don't miss this rare chance to add a 2,000-year-old ancient coin to your collection. Intense demand is expected, so hurry and order now!

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